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How do I purchase my membership to The Mind Life Project?

You can purchase your 6-month Mind Life Project Membership here.


What do I get when I join the 6 month Mind Life Project Membership and for how long? 

Visit this page to find out exactly what you get when you join the 6 month program. You will have access to the program until Dec 20th 2017.


Can I pay per month to join the Mind Life Project Membership? 

No. The membership is a once off payment to join for the 6 month program.


How am I charged for the 6 month Mind Life Project Membership?

You will be charged a one off payment of $149 AUD for your 6 month membership before Wed 5th July 10PM AEST. (You can get the special offer of $99 before Friday 30th June 10pm AEST). 


How long are the expert interviews each month and which experts are featured in the program?

The expert video interviews will be between 25-40 minutes each. To find out who is on the program visit this page and scroll down. 

Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?

The expert video interviews are pre-recorded and the live online guided meditations with Elise are live online and will be recorded and uploaded for you to stream if you miss the live call. You will be able to listen to these calls across the entire 6 months.  

What if I live overseas will the time zone differences be a problem? 

The live monthly online guided meditations happen at 8:30pm AEST. However, if that time doesn’t work for you then you can access a recording of these calls 24-48rs after they happen for the whole duration of your 6-month membership.

I’m pretty new to meditation and I’m wondering if this program will be too advanced for me? 

Although it’s a program that aims to support those with some exposure to meditation to continue their learning and stay on track, it’s also completely suitable for absolute beginners.

You’ll get monthly teachings from some of the world’s leading experts in the field of mindfulness meditation and wellbeing who make the teaching accessible and super practical. You’ll also have an opportunity to put theory into practice each month by joining me in the live online guided meditations where you can also bring questions about meditation and your personal practice.

The great thing about the Mind Life Project is that you’ll have access to the private online Mind Life Project facebook community where you can ask questions and access resources shared by the group, many of whom have meditation experience and some who are also teaching it!

I’ll be in there regularly answering your questions too.

As well as the monthly meditation sessions, you’ll find a collection of my guided meditations that you can use to get your meditation started. 

If you love learning, you’re going to love this experience. 

I’ve done a few meditation courses and even though I still don’t meditate regularly, I’m not sure I’ll learn anything new in this program? 

As someone who has taught mindfulness meditation for over a decade, I know it’s a lifelong learning journey when you’re committed to the path of greater calm, focus and wisdom. Life is always delivering us challenges whether it’s with our health, careers, families, or relationships. So, through the monthly expert interviews (find out who you’ll be hearing from over the 6-months here), you’ll hear practical strategies for applying mindfulness to different challenges that come up in life. 

If you’re wanting to keep inspired in your practice and feel you could benefit from some extra accountability, you’ll have a fortnightly reminder locked in for the rest of the year to make sure you’re meditating and to keep you engaged and inspired in your practice.

I don’t have enough time and I’m feeling overwhelmed …do you think it’s the right time for me to join?

The Mind Life Project membership is perfect for you if you are suffering overhwhelm or feeling like there’s just too much on your plate right now. 


Because, it’s exactly at these times that we most need the extra support to make self-care a priority. 

I’ve designed the membership program so that there’s enough to keep you engaged and inspired but NOT overwhelmed with content overload. 

It’s easy to think things will be different down the track, but when you really think about it, how likely is it that things will actually be less busy in 6 months time? It’s easy to put things off until some magical time in the future when we think we’ll have all the time in the world. 

Also, as this is the first time I’m launching the Mind Life Project membership you get it for this once only price. Next year when the doors reopen, the price of the membership will be increased. 

I already have a meditation app so what do I get by joining the Mind Life Project membership that an app doesn’t give me

The Mind Life Project membership offers you a more interactive experience with more ongoing support. It’s like having a personal trainer versus a gym membership. 

Many people download apps but when the novelty wears off, they stop using them. Can you relate?

It’s inevitable that along the meditation path predictable roadblocks come up which require more personalised guidance. Through this membership you’ll be able to bring your questions to the live online guided meditation calls I’ll be running AND communicate with your fellow meditators in the private online facebook group to stay on track.

Apps are great but they don’t offer you the power of a community to support your practice and they don’t answer your personal questions on a regular basis. 

How do I access the Mind Life Project Membership?

You will be emailed a login and password. You will get access to a members online learning platform where you will find the video interviews and meditations released each month.

How do I get to the page with the live meditation sessions?

You will be sent an email with a link to get access to the live guided meditation. You will find details about the live guided session inside the membership site.  Please make sure you have [email protected] saved to your contacts so these emails do not end up in Spam, Junk or Promotions.


What browsers do you recommend?

We recommend chrome or firefox

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