Doors closing to the 6-month online transformative mindfulness program featuring world leaders

Learn the inner tools of mindfulness to transform your brain and life through this 6-month transformative online program…
  • Feel more focussed, present and productive in your daily life
  • Be more in control of your emotions
  • Get better at managing stress, and feel more calm, relaxed and confident in all areas of your life
  • Be more courageous and take the leaps needed to find a deeply satisfying career, or relationship
  • Learn how to stop worrying and be more confident in making decisions to reach your full potential
  • Stop the mind chatter and inner critic from holding you back in life
The stress in our lives is real. The World Health Organisation states that depression is now the number one leading cause of global illness, with anxiety not far behind!
We’re constantly upgrading our iphones and computers, but what about upgrading the inner technology of our own brains?
The 6-month Mind Life Project online membership will reduce your stress and worry, build greater focus, emotional balance and resilience in daily life.
It’s a 6-month mindfulness training program that runs from June-Dec. It will help you create more space, find more focus and improve your day-to-day productivity and the inner tools you’ll learn are all backed up by the latest neuroscience. Get immediate access when you register.


6 x 1hr monthly live, online guided meditation sessions with Elise from July-Dec. Meditations will range from 25-35mins with Q&A time at the end of each session. You’ll learn how to deepen relaxation, manage the inner mind chatter, control emotions, generate positive emotional states, experience meditations for better sleep and greater resilience.

24hr access to listen to the meditation recordings over the 6 month membership. These longer meditation recordings include commonly asked questions and answers from the community – an invaluable learning opportunity. Participants love the opportunity to use longer guided meditations to deepen the benefits.

6 x monthly guest expert video interviews. Learn how to integrate powerful mindfulness practices into your life for improved wellbeing and greater effectiveness.  Learn mindfulness for greater creativity and innovation, for developing a growth mindset, greater focus,  less stress at work, improved relationships, and tools to teach children mindfulness and greater resilience. You’ll be inspired by the value packed program and actionable tools that will improve all areas of your life.

An exclusive members only Mind Life Project Facebook group to stay powerfully supported and connected with others taking the  journey. Get bonus resources, including spontaneous live guided meditations with Elise, book recommendations, book club conversations, and have all of your ongoing mindfulness questions answered. Participants have shared that this element of the program is was worth the entire price of the program.

Have 6 month access to Elise’s direct input, and advice through the Facebook group and live calls. Have your questions answered, get support and tips on tailoring the practice to suit your needs and life. Elise no longer offers one on one consultation, so this is the only way to have her personal support for the entire 6 month experience.

Step into your oasis of calm and wisdom through the meditation library. You’ll find guided meditations of all lengths and themes that you can tune into  24/hrs a day. Meditations for better sleep, creating a vision for your happiness, deeper relaxation, less mind chatter and many more.

A monthly online group book club where you’ll receive Elise’s carefully curated book recommendations to deepen your knowledge and be supported in consolidating your learning through the online community (no more reading books and not absorbing them!)

Transform your diet and be inspired to eat mindfully with a digital mindful eating recipe book including recipes from Australia’s best foodie bloggers.

Downloadable reflection guides to help you  integrate your learning through the months and transform your new knowledge into actionable steps to improve your life, reduce your stress, increase your wellbeing and maintain the benefits of a regular mindfulness practice.

A fortnightly supportive reminder email to keep you on track pone of the hardest things about meditation is to make it a habit. You’ll get a fortnightly friendly nudge in your inbox to make sure you stay on track.

Written transcripts of all of the monthly video interviews get out your highlighter print these out and make sure you don’t miss any of the transformative tools and wisdom offered.

Downloadable meditation journal help you monitor your progress a key to progress is monitoring your practice. This journal will keep you on track and support you in building a habit of meditation.


Try out one of the many guided meditations included in the Mind Life Project meditation library that you can access 24hrs a day to tap into greater calm.


  • You’re new to meditation and curious to learn what it’s all about.
  • You’ve done a meditation course before but can’t seem to make it stick to feel the benefits of a mind that is focussed, calm and clear
  • You want to manage your stress and cope better with your current challenges 
  • You’re in a difficult life transition and need a way to manage the uncertainty and fear
  • You want to get better control over your emotions like anger, fear, and impatience
  • You want to be more confident and courageous and take risks to follow your dreams
  • You often feel like you’re “not enough” (not a good enough mother, father, lover, or haven’t achieved enough in your life)
  • You want to feel a deep sense of worth and fulfilment
  • You want to be more self confident particularly with decision making
  • You want a powerful way to quiet your mind and free yourself  from worry

Elise Bialylew is author of the no#1 bestselling meditation book, The Happiness Plan and founder of Mindful in May, the world’s largest online global mindfulness fundraising campaign that teaches thousands of people each year to meditate, while raising funds to build clean water projects in the developing world. A doctor trained in psychiatry, turned social entrepreneur and mindfulness expert, she’s passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to develop inner tools for greater wellbeing and flourishing, and offers workshops and training at The Mind Life Project. Her work has featured in the Huffington Post, New York Times, and on Australian Television and radio.

Susan Piver 

Rick Hanson 

David Rock

Carol Dweck

Gregory Kramer

Susan Kaiser Greenland

Mark Coleman


Each month you’ll hear from world leaders in the field of mindfulness and the brain. Over the months you will learn:


Susan Piver: Overcoming the common obstacles in mindfulness training

  • A common obstacle to making meditation a habit and tips on overcoming it
  • How mindfulness meditation can support you in relationships
  • How mindfulness meditation connects you with your “authentic self”
  • How we can navigate strong emotions more effectively through bringing mindful attention to our feelings

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Susan Piver

Susan Piver, bestselling author of six books and a student of Buddhism since 1995, teaches workshops on meditation, relationships and creativity. She is a frequent guest on network television, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Today, and The Tyra Banks Show. In 2011, she launched The Open Heart Project to teach meditation.


Rick Hanson: Using mindfulness to help amplify the joy in your life

  • The concept of “experience-dependant neuroplasticity” and its connection to mindfulness meditation
  • The difference between mental states and traits and how we can create enduring positive change around our outlook
  • How mindfulness can help us develop “shock absorbers” against stress
  • A powerful practice called “taking in the good” that can rewire your brain towards greater happiness and offset the negativity bias.

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Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., is a neuropsychologist and New York Times best-selling author. His books include Hardwiring Happiness, Buddha’s Brain, Just One Thing and Mother Nurture. Founder of the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom and on the Advisory Board of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley, he’s been an invited speaker at Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard, and taught in meditation centers worldwide.


David Rock:  Mindfulness at work

  • How we can get the most out of our brain at work
  • What neuroscience teaches us about managing our emotions
  • Two key brain networks involved in mindfulness and how we can activate them to stay calm under pressure
  • The most powerful question you can ask yourself to activate positive change and transformation

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David Rock

David Rock is author of Your Brain at Work and co-founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute, and CEO of the NeuroLeadership Group, a global human performance firm with operations in 24 countries. David is on the advisory board and faculty of the international business school CIMBA in Italy, and a guest lecturer at Oxford University’s Business School.


Carol Dweck: Mindset as the key tool to your personal growth

  • What the difference is between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and why it’s so important
  • How we can shift from a fixed to growth mindset to turn challenges and failures into opportunity for personal growth
  • How to support children in developing a growth mindset
  • One word that is the key to developing a growth mindset

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Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck Ph.D., is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation and is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Her research has focused on why people succeed and how to foster success.


Gregory Kramer: Mindfulness for deepening your relationships and communication

  • The innovative mindfulness practice that Gregory created called “insight dialogue” that helps deepen our relationships and improve our communication
  • The six steps to bringing mindfulness into communication for greater quality relationships (both personally and professionally)
  • How mindfulness can support better leadership (whether you’re a leader at a company or in a family)
  • How mindfulness supports greater creativity

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Gregory Kramer

Gregory Kramer is Founder and Guiding Teacher of Insight Dialogue, a powerful meditation practice which brings mindfulness to the domain of relationships, to deepen communication and understanding. He travels internationally to teach and recently was a guest speaker at Google, sharing his innovative work. His most recent book is Insight Dialogue: The Interpersonal Path To Freedom.


Susan Kaiser Greenland: Mindfulness for kids

  • The three A,B,C’s of living a mindful life.
  • How mindfulness meditation can transform children and specific ways to introduce them to it
  • Practical exercises you can use with children to help them be more resilience, courageous and creative
  • How paying attention helps us manage our emotions more skillfully

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Susan Kaiser Greenland

Susan Kaiser Greenland is the author of The Mindful Child and co-founder of Inner Kids. The Mindful Child, is a book for parents and professionals about how to teach the transformative techniques of mindful awareness to children and teens. The Inner Kids program includes games, activities, and songs to help kids tap into their awareness of breathing, the physical world, their inner lives and to develop their attention skills. In 2006, she was named a “Champion of Children” by First 5 LA, the largest and most influential children’s advocacy group in Los Angeles.Susan was a member of the clinical team of the Pediatric Pain Clinic at UCLA’s Mattel’s Children’s Hospital for many years, Co-Investigator on a multi-year, multi-site research study at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center/Semel Institute on the impact of mindfulness in education, and a Collaborator on an investigation of mindful eating for children and their caregivers at UC-SF.


Mark Coleman: Mindfulness for creativity and innovation

  • Mindfulness and how it can support creativity, innovation and greater risk taking
  • The key attitude that will make your mindfulness practice truly transformative and how to cultivate it
  • How mindfulness supports greater resilience and tips on how to build resilience
  • A powerful tool for managing negative thought patterns

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Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman, M.A., founder of Awake in the Wild and The Mindfulness Institute, is an internationally recognised mindfulness facilitator who has guided students on five continents to find greater peace and fulfilment through nature-based mindfulness practice and mindfulness retreats. The author of Awake in the Wild, Mark is also a corporate consultant, individual counsellor, poet, wilderness guide, and outdoor adventurer.

As a doctor specialised in psychiatry, mindfulness expert and and author of no#1 bestselling meditation book, The Happiness Plan, I’m passionate about offering this training because I know it works.
Having discovered the incredible power of mindfulness in my own life, I knew that it could help others too.
But if you tell a busy executive or an overwhelmed parent of three (or anyone in between) to fit in an hour’s worth of yoga or sit and meditate for half an hour every morning, you can bet their reaction is going to be something like this:


And I get it – I truly do.
See, a lot of stress-relieving techniques just simply aren’t practical. On top of that, many are steeped in religious dogma that a lot of people aren’t comfortable with. And meditation is often really misunderstood – most people think it’s about stopping your thoughts – which it’s not!
Thinking about mindfulness in this way means you’re missing out on a truckload of potential benefits.
Not to mention: it’s not true.
Mindfulness meditation – is actually a practice that has been proven by science to help rewire your brain, calm your body’s stress response, and improve your ability to deal with the ups and downs of daily life.
Mindfulness techniques are being used by world leaders, CEOs, elite athletes, artists and entertainers across the globe to help them perform at their peak, deal with stress, and feel better along the way.
And now you can experience the benefits for yourself…
Through the Mind Life Project Membership you’ll be supported over the next 6-months personally by me and other world’s leading mindfulness experts to learn the inner tools to outer flourishing.


6 x 1hr guided monthly online meditation sessions

Stay on track with a live online guided meditation session each month starting July, that will offer you a way to practice in community and provide a helpful check-in. It’s easy for the busyness of life to throw you off track with your meditation, this is a valuable monthly booster to keep you inspired and develop your practice. You’ll have a chance to ask your questions and hear other questions from members of the group.

Valued = $20 x 6 = $120

6 x 20-40min guest expert videos released monthly

You’ll hear from more world leading guest experts who will share powerful insights and teachings around how to apply mindfulness to different aspects of your life and expand your toolkit for greater resilience, courage, focus and creativity.

Valued = $30 x 6 = $180

Stay connected and accountable with the private Facebook group

You’ll find extra resources shared in this group including articles, books , occasional spontaneous guided meditations with Elise. This as a supportive community that will help you stick to your practice, share resources and knowledge and help you actually stay motivated to bring the practices into your own life. Elise will be regularly inside the Facebook group answering your questions and supporting you over the 6-months.

Valued = $120

Stay on track with fortnightly reminder emails

These emails will be a friendly nudge to keep you on track with your meditation and let you know when there’s new content and the monthly live guided session so you don’t miss it.

Valued = $60

A monthly online book club

Discover new books that will inspire and transform you and be supported by the book club to transform this new knowledge into actionable steps that will noticeably transform your life.

Valued = $75

Transcripts of all of the video interviews to keep

Print these out and read them to consolidate your learning. Absorb the powerful tools and strategies that will transform your life.

Valued = $69

6-months access to the Mind Life Project library of meditations and interviews

Return to your favourite meditation practices 24hrs a day – an instant doorway into greater calm, ease and focus. When you’re  emotionally triggered or overwhelmed, you’ll have this library as your 24hr sanctuary.

Valued = $149

Total Value = $773 

You get all of this as part of the 6 month Mind Life Project Membership

Price = $773  $269

(Doors close Tuesday 12th June midnight AEST


In person guided meditation classes usually cost $20, but you get access to so much more through this program, for less than $2 a day when you join the 6-month Mind Life Project Membership by  Tuesday 12th June midnight AEST.

The 6-month Mind Life Project membership is like a personal trainer for your mind, where you’ll be supported to learn how to meditate through the guided live online sessions and library of meditations, and stay on track with a supportive virtual community to develop the benefits of a mind that is functioning at its best.

Join the 6-month Mind Life Project Membership for only $269

(This program only launches once a year and the doors close Tuesday 12th June midnight AEST)

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