February 19th, 2015

I think the thing that was most powerful for me is that the ten minutes of meditation acted like a slingshot for me. It set me back for ten minutes, but then I was able to fly forward with more clarity and energy. I hope it is OK to share one story with you here: One Saturday was particularly rough. My husband was sick, we had just returned from a long trip and I was exhausted and our two little ones were having one tantrum after another. I felt completely exhausted and started to lose my temper. I then realized that I needed to do my meditation. I asked my husband to ‘tap in’ for ten minutes so I could ‘tap out.’ I began my meditation and halfway through, our three year old came in while my husband read books to our one year old (no locks on the bedroom door–darn!). I told her what I was doing but remained still and continued the practice. In the last ten seconds of the meditation, my husband wondered where our daughter was and then saw that she was hanging out with me while meditating. While it wasn’t the most peaceful meditation session, I felt refreshed and was able to hold onto my calmness and find a way to refresh our family by going out to the park. Those haphazard 10 minutes kept me going for hours and was just what I needed. Would I recommend it to others? Absolutely!