February 19th, 2015

I thought it was amazing making a commitment to mindfulness for the month. I forced myself to try every night of the month, no matter how tired or busy I was, something I would have never done had I not committed to the program. Some days I really struggled and found it to be a really difficult or unhelpful experience. Most days I found it to be very grounding and helpful in letting going of the remnants of the stresses of my days. A few times I actually had some spectacular experiences – including some really strong emotions, some of the most intense calm I’ve experienced (sounds like an oxymoron but really it was full on) and lingering feelings of deep content. Overall, I feel so much more mindful in my everyday activities. I’m better at letting negative emotions go and at taking care of myself when I’m feeling under pressure. I pay more attention to myself and my thoughts and my mind feels clearer and less full all the time. I think this is an amazing program and I’m so glad to have taken part.